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Signature Source is not a “head hunting” organization.  Our goal is truly to support the talent acquisition needs of the most highly regarded companies in the global mobility industry. In order to do so, we ask that should you work with us, we need to request total transparency regarding your job search.  We do not submit “resumes” we present only the best talent to fit our clients’ needs.  As such, reputation and honesty during our support of your job search must be a two-way street for mutual success.  The questions below are intended for us to learn where you stand today in your search.  As the search progresses and your status changes (i.e. you want to apply online for a position, work with multiple recruiters, etc.), we request that you update us as soon as possible.

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Is there any employment restriction tying you to your company for any length of time (VISA, Immigration considerations, stay bonus, etc.)?  If so, please describe. If not, please enter "None."

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