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Vice President & General Manager
Division Healthcare
Location Halifax, NS
Position Status Full Time
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The Healthcare division of IMP Group Limited, comprised of CAN-med Healthcare, Harding Medical and Dental Source Canada, is a Canadian-owned, value-added distributor of medical surgical, dental, mobility and home health care products and services.  With over 40 years of healthcare experience, our team of 75 employees serves healthcare providers and individual customers from 5 offices within Atlantic Canada. 


The Healthcare Group is currently looking for a Halifax based Vice President & General Manager to join their team.  The Vice President & General Manager, Healthcare will be responsible for leading the CAN-Med Healthcare Group team with responsibility for setting and executing company strategy and ensuring the business unit achieves its vision, goals and performance targets.  The Vice President & General Manager, Healthcare will oversee all operations and be responsible for optimizing the Healthcare Group’s performance through successful strategic planning, business development, financial management, operational execution, and resource allocation. The successful candidate will bring a minimum of ten (10) years’ experience, directly from the Healthcare industry, consisting of a proven successful track record of business development, operational and business leadership with full profit and loss operational responsibility.





  1. Executive Responsibility

    As leader of the Healthcare Group, report to Executive Vice President, IMP Corporate all relevant information regarding the business unit’s performance in a concise and timely manner.  Provide advice, counsel and recommendations to the Executive Vice President, IMP Corporate on all matters impacting the Healthcare Group’s business.  With targeted focus, will be seen as the leader of the Healthcare Group by all employees, customers and other stakeholders.


  2. Revenue Growth/Sales Strategy/Business Development

    Collaborate with, and lead, the General Managers and Sales Team to establish solid, executable sales and business development strategies and plans to achieve revenue and profitability targets.  Grow revenues by providing hands-on leadership in pursuing major contracts, partnerships and expansion of existing, or introduction of new, lines of business.  Establish and maintain mutual beneficial relationships with the Healthcare Group’s customer base.  Identify and recommend growth opportunities to Corporate Executive Management via the acquisition of healthcare companies within the marketplace.





  3. Market and Competitive Analysis

    Keep abreast of local, regional and national industry trends and conduct market and competitive industry research to identify new and innovative approaches to enhance the Healthcare Group’s position in the market and adapt the business unit’s “way of business” to meet the challenges of new and existing products and competitors in the market.


  4. Strategic Plan

    Work with members of the management team to develop a strategic plan that will chart the future course for the business unit.  The strategic plan must set out the vision for the future, identify priority issues that must be addressed to realize that vision as well as set short, medium and long term objectives and strategies.


  5. Relationships with Business Partners and Stakeholders

    Develop positive and productive working relationships with key business partners and other product and service providers.  Develop and maintain relationships with prospective and current customers.


  6. Annual Operating Plan

    Formulate and recommend to the Executive Vice President, IMP Corporate an annual operating plan for the Healthcare Group that supports the achievement of the objectives established in the strategic plan.  Prepare a quarterly analysis of progress in achieving the objectives set out in the annual operating plan.  Submit rationale for variances to the plan and recommend any required modifications to the plan for the remainder of the year.  The operating plan will be updated annually and will act as the framework in which the business unit operates.  The achievement of the key objectives in the plan will be the primary responsibility of the Vice President & General Manager, Healthcare.


  7. Annual Operating and Major Expenditure Budget

    In conjunction with the Director, Finance and other members of the management team, formulate and present an annual operating and capital budget.  These budgets will identify critical issues and must be supported by a solid business case for any major expenditure requests.  Oversee all financial aspects of the business unit including cash flow management and profitability by line of business.


  8. Operational Leadership

    Provide strong effective leadership to the business unit in order to capitalize on the full potential of team members.  Motivate, guide, and direct team members to contribute fully to achieve realization of the business unit’s vision and objectives.  Foster cooperation between the various divisions and branches of the business unit to ensure it is functioning in a coherent and effective manner.  Communicate the vision and strategic direction of the business unit to all employees to create an understanding of the role that each team member plays in accomplishing the business unit’s goals and objectives.




  9. Organizational Management

    Develop and maintain an organizational structure that reflects operational needs and is directed towards accomplishing the objectives established in the strategic and annual operating plans.  Through the management team, ensure there is a clear definition of the responsibility of each employee; that there are effective programs in place to foster employee development; and that a performance management system is utilized in a manner that fully supports the accomplishment of the business unit’s strategies and operational objectives.


  10. Human Resource Management

    Through the Director, Human Resources and other members of the management team, ensure the provision of a quality workplace that ensures all team members are motivated, guided, and directed to contribute to their maximum capabilities to the achievement of the business unit’s goals and objectives.  Effectively hire, realign, and deploy human resources in the most productive way to reduce costs, enhance revenues and achieve business unit objectives.


  11. Board Responsibilities

    Lead the reporting function for all business unit information required for inclusion in the quarterly Board of Directors reports.  Complete required Corporate reporting tools including risk management assessments and succession plans.


  12. Internal Communications

    Maintain visibility throughout the business unit and communicate relevant business unit and Corporate information through various internal communication vehicles.  Facilitate the constructive and collaborate transfer of information within the business unit to maintain employee engagement and dedication to achieving business unit goals and objectives.




    Business Development

    Able to represent the Company competently and confidently at the most senior levels within government and industry. 



    Bring innovative and “outside of the box” thinking to opportunities and challenges while fostering a sense of creativity to do things better, faster and more cost effective throughout the business unit.  See the big picture and develop strategies to grow the business.


    Commitment to Leadership

    Engage a diverse and somewhat geographically dispersed team of employees in the pursuit of business unit success through the attainment of goals and objectives.  Proven track record of motivating staff and management to achieve outstanding results.  Ability to set clear and concise expectations and hold him/herself and others accountable.





    Strategic Vision and Thinker

    Able to lead the business unit through the development of a strategic plan and a full business unit renewal program that will set the direction of the business unit for the future.


    Effective communicator

    Able to communicate effectively to a wide range of audiences, both in person and through various written communication channels.  Create an atmosphere that is open to discussion, cooperation and teamwork.  Motivate management team to maintain and encourage employee focus on achievement of business unit goals and objectives.


    Please apply online, indicating your salary expectations, by November 16th, 2020 at:



    IMP is committed to Employment Equity and our goal is to be a diverse workforce that is representative at all job levels.  We welcome applicants from Aboriginal People, Visible Minority Groups, Persons with Disabilities and Women in occupations of positions where they are under-represented.  If you are a member of one of the equity groups, you are encouraged to self-identify on either your cover letter or resume.

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