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Interview Location Kamaxi Overseas Consultants- INDIA
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  • The Cook has the responsibility to prepare the ground work for the daily menu items under a minimal supervision of his section leader or manager and following recipes and guidelines provided. He must possess a good basic professional knowledge of all sections in a classic kitchen.
  • They can identify flavor balance and take corrective action when needed and hold more of a responsibility for the overall product with the section leader. Most often candidates have previous ship experience and USPH knowledge. The Cook has advanced knife handling skills, confidence with the timing of food preparation and better control of wastage.


Essential duties and responsibilities:-

  • Must possess advanced knife handling skills.
  • Must be able to work in any section of a kitchen.
  • Must have a good food knowledge and understanding of culinary terms.
  • Must be able to read, understand, follow and prepare company recipes.
  • Must be proficient in effecting completing tasks, work efficiently and productively.
  • Follow Public Health according to company standards and expectation (referring to US, Anvisa, Shipsan, Canadian, Australian etc) at all times within his section.
  • Maintains his assigned area in preparation for announced or unannounced United States Public Health type inspection either done by the Food & Beverage Manager or the actual inspectors.
  • Reports for duty at assigned times, follows his/her supervisor’s instructions, and ensures that personal appearance, uniform and personal hygiene are in accordance with the company’s rules and regulations.

Training & Development:-

  •  Attends meetings, training activities, courses and all other work-related activities as required.


  • Responsible for cost containment through the proper use, handling and maintenance of records, reports, supplies and equipment.

Safety Responsibilities:-

  • Must be familiar with the galley layout in terms of safety and security, must have a full understanding of ships rules / regulations (SMS) and participate in all required safety drills / training.

Other Duties and Responsibilities (Other duties may be assigned.) 






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