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Interview Location Kamaxi Overseas Consultants- INDIA
Job Code 820
# of openings 2
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  • Must have a thorough understanding of how to handle, defrost, prepare and portion all cuts of meat.
  • Must be proficient in effecting completing tasks, work efficiently and productively.
  • Must possess advanced knife handling skills and butchery skills.
  • Coordinate and supervise all personnel assigned to his/her section, assign and delegate tasks accordingly.
  • Undertake Portion Control reviews on a daily basis to ensure compliance.
  • Control production levels and recommend ideas for improvements and better cost controlling.
  • Ensure that economical work practices are applied by his subordinates to avoid food wastage.
  • Prepare Daily Meat thawing requisitions needed for his section production and Electronic Daily Meat consumption recap with accuracy.
  • Must be familiar with the United States Public Health rules and regulations and ensure that they are followed on a daily basis.
  • Ensures that the HACCP program is carried out correctly.
  • Maintains his assigned area in preparation for announced or unannounced United States Public Health type inspection either done by the Food & Beverage Manager or the actual inspectors.
  • Reports for duty at assigned times, follows his/her supervisor’s instructions, and ensures that personal appearance, uniform and personal hygiene are in accordance with the company’s rules and regulations

Training & Development

  • Attends meetings, training activities, courses and all other work-related activities as required.
  • Attend to the daily Chefs Meeting to discuss forecast figures and the day to day operation/activities.


  • Responsible for cost containment through the proper use, handling and maintenance of records, reports, supplies and equipment within his assigned section.
  • Conducts workstation spot checks to ensure items are correctly cleaned and stored by his team to minimize deterioration and wastage.
  • Conducts workstation spot checks to ensure Meat items are correctly used as per Portion Chart by his team and minimize spoilage and wastage.
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