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Medicaid Access Team Principal Analyst
Employment type Full time
Location Washington, D.C.
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Principal analysts are seasoned technical experts who lead MACPAC’s analytic work on key policy issues affecting Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). They work under the direction of the executive director and policy directors, but are expected to conceptualize and manage significant bodies of work, often involving other team members.

Qualified candidates have knowledge and expertise in Medicaid access to coverage and care policies.. This could include experience in policy areas such as enrollment and eligibility, redeterminations, covered benefits, access to care in fee for service and managed care delivery systems, and related issues for populations including children, pregnant people, parents, and adults.  

Major Duties

A principal analyst is expected, on a routine basis, to be able to: 

·        conduct analytic work including:

-       designing, directing, and conducting rigorous research projects on Medicaid and CHIP topics;

-       playing a leadership role in development of MACPAC’s research agenda by identifying focused lines of inquiry related to areas of congressional or Commissioner interest;

-       applying subject matter expertise to the analysis of Medicaid and CHIP topics, including proposed policies and developing issues; and

-       preparing analyses for technical support of congressional staff.

·        communicate effectively orally and in writing by:

-       conceptualizing and developing content of MACPAC products (e.g., issue briefs, reports, comment letters) on increasingly complex issues, organizing information and translating technical content for lay audiences;

-       presenting the results of analytic and other work and leading issue-focused discussions and meetings on Medicaid and CHIP topics with internal teams, Commissioners, and external stakeholders including congressional staff;

-       structuring meeting materials and presentations to support decision making by the Commission; and

-       responding to questions from Commissioners in real time on specific aspects of work and its implications.

·        ensure the quality of MACPAC work, including taking responsibility that a portfolio of work (including that conducted by external contractors and junior staff) meets organizational standards for being thorough, objective accurate, and nonpartisan; 

·        represent and speak on behalf of MACPAC in meetings with stakeholder organizations, researchers, government agencies, and others interested in MACPAC’s work, including ability to speak on work beyond own portfolio; and  

·        perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Skills

In order to perform the major duties listed above, a principal analyst must:

·        demonstrate significant knowledge of state and federal Medicaid and CHIP policy and program issues;

·        demonstrate strong skills in critical thinking and policy analysis, including the ability to:

-       effectively construct arguments and use evidence to tell a story and translate findings and decisions into clear priorities and action;

-       apply subject matter expertise to the analysis of Medicaid and CHIP topics outside of main research portfolio;

-       recommend appropriate actions or next steps when analytic findings are ambiguous or contradictory; and

-       relate research and analytic findings to the broader Commission agenda in addition to the immediate policy question.

·        demonstrate project management tasks, including:

-       serving as a project team leader, including project planning for internal and extramural policy analysis and research and communicating with team members;

-       ability to balance multiple project responsibilities under various deadlines;

-       supervising (directing and providing feedback on) the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of work by others on team; and

-       serving as project officer for external research and policy contracts which may include major task order contracts.

·        engage in learning and development by:

-       continuing to develop new knowledge and skills; may seek opportunities to develop skills or specialize in a functional role (e.g., congressional affairs, data analysis, contracting); and

-       listening and responding to feedback from supervisor and colleagues.

·        demonstrate teamwork and accountability by:

-       playing an active role in identifying and filling gaps in staff knowledge and skills;

-       providing technical review of work plans and products;

-       providing guidance and constructive feedback to more junior staff to encourage learning and development; and

-       expanding productive working relationships with peers and external organizations.

Position Summary

Like all MACPAC employees, a principal analyst is expected to:

·        demonstrate and model commitment to team and personal success;

·        work collaboratively with others inside and outside the organization;

·        adapt behavior in response to feedback and experience;

·        contribute to the growth, expertise, and knowledge of colleagues;

·        hold self and others accountable for meeting expectations in a timely and professional manner; and

·        foster a culture of inclusivity and belonging.

Experience and Education

The minimum educational requirements for the principal analyst position include:

·        a graduate degree in health policy, health services research, public policy, public health, public health, statistics, economics or other related field;

·        expertise in a substantive area related to the Commission’s statutory authority;

·        at least seven years of experience in health policy analysis or research, and at least two years of experience planning and leading complex projects and translating results for lay audiences with minimal supervision.


This is a full-time position based in downtown Washington, DC with federal employee health and retirement benefits. Interested applicants should be available to work in the office two days per week with flexibility to attend other in-person events as needed. Salary competitive with those in other federal agencies.

A complete application should include a cover letter, resume and two writing samples. To the greatest possible, applicants should send original writing instead of publications that have undergone editing by colleagues or other professionals. We prefer traditional resumes, as opposed to the federal resume required for positions on USAJobs. To apply, click the Apply for this Position button below.



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