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SNKE to support social dialogue on reduction and prevention of food and packaging waste

Location: Sub-Saharan Africa
Location: South Africa
Job Code: 5439


Project title: Technical Assistance for the SA-EU Dialogue Facility

Brief description of the assignment:

Global objective:

The overarching goal of this project is to help South African consumer goods companies and waste partners to contribute and benefit from a sustainable ecosystem, while reducing food and packaging waste and assisting government to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Presidency’s Operation Phakisa goals.


Specific Objectives:

  • To identify food and packaging waste hotspots in South Africa, conduct an analysis of causes and contributing factors and develop possible solutions to address the problems.
  • Review the current status of the implementation of regulatory oversight for packaging waste in South Africa. Recommendations on:
    • enhance South Africa’s current waste management practices
    • how best South Africa can minimize and manage its food and packaging to influence reduction and prevention of food waste in South Africa and comparisons with other EU and African countries.
    • develop a framework to best align and administer the currently separate food loss and waste and packaging waste initiatives.
  • Determine the best reporting mechanism for food and packaging waste in South Africa.
  • Develop a packaging waste agreement


The assignment will have three phases:


I. Phase One – Desk research (Report 1): Identify food and packaging waste hotspots, evaluate the current state of food and packaging waste management and regulation oversight for packaging waste and recommendations and comparisons with other EU and African countries.

II. Phase Two – Desktop research (Report 2): Food and Packaging Waste Agreement

(incorporation of the food waste agreement business plan). Develop framework to align and administer the current separate food loss and waste and packaging waste

initiatives. Develop the best reporting mechanism for both food loss and waste.

III. Phase Three-Presentation of the study (Reports 1 and 2) at the Multi stakeholder online workshops and documented workshop outcomes and recommendations on the merged food and packaging waste initiative monitoring and reporting.


Commencement date of the project: 1 November 2020


Duration of the assignment: 17 work days over 8 months



It should be demonstrated that there is a sufficient skill and expertise mix to cover:

  • Master’s degree in a relevant field: public health systems, health regulation, food science, food & beverage management, biology, food security or equivalent, alternatively 15 years’ experience and bachelor’s degree
  • Preferably 5 years professional experience as a food system/or sustainability researcher with an understanding of the harmonisation, reliance and recognition mechanisms.
  • Preferably practical experience of managing the types of dossiers for food related regulation; using and adapting assessment information from other experienced regulators.
  • Demonstrated experience in institutional strengthening and organisational development of regulatory authorities in the developing countries. Previous experience in the SA food sector will be a distinct advantage.
  • Strong report writing ability.


It is required that all team members demonstrate a very good understanding of food and packaging related national legislation, WHO, SDG, Codex Alimentarius, Environmental Health and other international standards and best practices regarding regulation of food and food waste.

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