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In order to effectively assess the Foothill - De Anza recruitment strategies, we need your assistance. It would be appreciated if you would indicate specifically the source or activity that made you aware of the position for which you are applying. 

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Subject to provisions listed under Ed Code Section 87400 – 87406.5, certain convictions would prohibit you from employment.  Finalist candidate(s) shall be subject to consent to a full background reference check.  In addition, candidates who receive conditional offer will be subject to a review of Conviction History.  

The Foothill- De Anza Community College District is committed to maintaining a workforce that demonstrates an understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect for, the diverse academic, socio-economic, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, disability, and sexual orientation of community college students, faculty and staff.

In the space below, respond to Foothill - De Anza Community College District's commitment as outlined above and explain how your life experiences, studies or work have influenced your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Note: You can attach a total of up to 4MB of data. Your resume and all attachments combined must be less than 4MB.

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