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2020 Creative Scholar
Location Online - Nationwide
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Job description: 2020 Creative scholar (Nationwide)

Location: Online

Education Level: Not required

Available Business Units: Banking and finance, engineering, healthcare, sales, advertising, web development, entrepreneurship, IT and software, graphic design, marketing, music, photography, and talent development.



At ProtectAllKids, we abide by social distancing guidelines. Thus, we encourage all our new employees to work from the comfort of their homes, develop new skills, and submit their talent for a chance to win up to $250,000 through our Creative American Award program. The duration of our Creative Scholar internship is 90 days. 



Our virtual jobs are unique because we are paying our employees to work on themselves, find their passion, develop their talent, and improve their creative skillset. Our Creative scholars work part-time at the comfort of their homes and at their own pace. 

Our scholars can also win $10,000 Tutor of the Month Award by sharing their knowledge daily through educative tweets using our charity's hashtags #Protectallkids.org #ProtectAllKidsTalent,  #ProtectAllKidsEducation, #ProtectAllKidsAward #TutorOfTheMonth #EndActiveSchoolShootings2020.

After 90 days of virtual training and building a strong foundation for a wide range of real-world career paths, our Creative Scholars, along with other Americans, will compete for a chance to win up to $250,000 through our Creative American Award program. 

The winner will use the prize to fund a new business idea, develop talent, or fulfill purchase orders of an existing business that will benefit our economy. 

Our charity does not have the power to pick the winner. America does. Americans will vote for their favorite talent. The dollar value of each vote is a quarter of a penny. Our contestants' novel business idea will have to impress the people. The contestant with the highest number of votes wins. 



 Our creative scholars, along with other Americans, will compete to win the $10,000 Tutor of the Month award and our charity's $250,000 Creative American Award. To win our Creative American Award, our contestants will show and convince Americans that their talent or business idea will help boost the US economy.  If you don't win the $250,000 grand prize or the $10,000 Tutor of the Month award, you will still receive a total salary of $3000. Also, at the end of the year, you will receive a Wage and Tax Statement from us so you can file for your tax return.

Our recommended roles and responsibilities of our scholars interested in developing their talent and business idea or starting a new lucrative business include:

  • Conduct market research to find out if there’s an opportunity to turn your idea into a successful business.

  • Identify your competitors and analyze the detailed corporate and financial information of their businesses. 

  • Use one of our scholarships to learn or other resources of your choice to create statistical exhibits that analyze comparative financial performance.

  • Create a business plan, make key financial decisions, and complete a series of activities to set up a legal entity.

  • Build financial models to show projected financial results and value of your talent or business idea to the US economy.

  • Develop marketing memoranda and deliver convincing presentations that will depict creativity.

  • Win big.



Our Creative Scholar program is an integral part of our charity's diversity and recruiting initiative. Every American resident legally authorized to work regardless of race, gender, religion, immigration status,   educational background, or prior work experience qualifies for our 2020 Creative Scholar job.



  • You have basic knowledge of and a keen interest in creative thinking and talent development.

  • You are analytical, adaptive, possess a strong work ethic, a leader yet a team player, and a multitasker.

  • You possess strong oral, written communication, and people’s skills.

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