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Latin America and the Caribbean - Health and Science Journalism Mentor
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The Health and Science Journalism Mentor will provide training, mentoring, resources and guidance to Internews staff, media and civil society partners and journalists as they go about their work related to the COVID19 pandemic, as well as providing capacity-building and support to other local mentors. Each mentor will contribute also to the overall Internews mentor network by providing updates on pandemic developments in their regions/countries and by identifying local experts and networks that can join Internews global health conversations around the pandemic and related topics. The Mentor will work closely with and take guidance from Internews Senior Health Technical Advisor who is shaping and guiding Internews region-wide pandemic work.  However, they will also be expected to work autonomously and develop work plans for delivering remote mentoring and resources to Internews staff and partners through webinars and other group activities involving relevant experts in their country.


Scope of Work:

  • Create and deliver training programs, curricula, social media deck cards, webinars, etc. 
  • Proactively identify networking and partnering opportunities that can enrich Internews projects in country as well as the overall global/regional mentor network 
  • Identify local speakers for (currently online) training and mentoring events, webinars, etc. 
  • Coordinate mentorship programs across region 
  • Provide health journalism mentoring to Internews media partner groups, working journalists and others, including the creation and delivery of modules, focus group sessions, one-to-one story guidance etc
  • Provide guidance to and input on Internews COVID and related work in country and contribute local public health/COVID related context, background, contacts and insights as needed for the development of new programming
  • Work closely with junior mentors to build their capacity to mentor others. Assist them in accessing and creating resources and tools for their in-country work
  • Devise learning and engagement strategies for target health journalists and other learners and develop tools for these e.g. set up feedback meetings with Tier 3 mentors
  • Represent Internews work in both internal organizational forums and external stakeholder and funder meetings as required 
  • Thoroughly document and/or work with others to ensure the documentation of all activities, including capturing the content of meetings, capacity-building sessions, webinars and other events and knowledge-exchange processes
  • Understanding of and demonstrated commitment to upholding  Internews’ Core Values  .


  • Fluent spoken and written Spanish
  • Familiarity with health and development issues in Latin America
  • Proven experience in public health/science journalism
  • Track record in journalism training/media development
  • Established health/development networks in Latin America
  • Fluent use of Microsoft Word/Google/Excel

This position is being offered and hired by Internews Network. Benefits will be consistent with Internews Network's offerings and will be reviewed during the hiring process. Additional information can be found on our About Working for Internews page.

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